What is On-Page SEO?How to do On-Page SEO?

on-page seo

On-Page SEO also known as On-Site SEO is the process of making your site proper optimizing in order to rank higher and get relevant more traffic from search engines in a better way. On-Page SEO is indicated for optimizing the content as well as the HTML code of your site. It also helps the user to know more about the site they know what the page is about. On-Page SEO is helping the user and the search engines to know what the site is about and what it is indicating and Identify that page as relevant to a search query or queries.

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Meta Tags

Meta Tags is the main vital aspect of your On-Page SEO. It as used to provide the search engines a meaningful information about your page. It is used to get high ranking but Some are not as useful to SEO as they once were, but if written and utilized optimally, will improve your traffic. It is very easy to use in your HTML site and it will be within the body tag.

<meta name=keywords content=”Your Keyword Here” />

Title Tags

It is the most important things, it helps the user to know about the page what they are searching for. The user sees in search engines for both organic results and paid results. When a user searching his/her query they will find the title in search engines and its relevant content. It is very easy to use in your HTML page. It will be used within the body tag.

<title>This is On-Page SEO page</title>

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Meta Descriptions

Meta Description is used to describe the whole page matter within 160 words. It helps the search engine to know about the page and its contents relevant images. You can write more than 160 words but search engines will cut it as they needed basically the length is 160 words. Meta Description will be visible in the search results of any queries. In On-Page Seo it is really very helpful to get more traffic.

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Contents and Images

Your page should have the sufficient contents with the targeted keywords. Keywords will remain in your contents multiple times but not required to use keywords to have deeply existed. it is actually the violence of the Google algorithm. Content Management is the main part of On-Page SEO need to use in a proper manner, need to use a heading using  <h1> tag and use the content of 300 words.

Your Page will have images but it must not be copied from anywhere and the images will indicate the meanings of your site as well. You will use the keywords within the alt attributes it is really helpful to get traffic. You have to compress the images before use in your site.

Internal Links and External Links

It is the forms of Backlinks it helps us to get more and more traffic. Suppose you have some meaning ful words that are explained in details some where in our site or in other site so you can use the link(<a href=”link here”></a>),If it is explained from anywhere else and you use it to notified the words then it is external links. It will be internal links if is is expliined with in your own site and you use this link.


1. On-Page SEO is the process of making your site search engine friendly.
2. If your site having some problems like not mobile friendly, loading time high, used old HTML and CSS tags, Inline CSS etc then you should remove it all to get more traffic and making the site search engine friendly.


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